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Work Culture at Nayak's

Every organisation effectively trains its staff to perform better, but Nayak's Tutorials not only trains its employees to work better, but also to love their work. The work culture at Nayak's Tutorials, offers freedom to create, freedom to innovate, freedom to dream big and provides opportunities to fly high. The highly effective leadership here never fails to stimulate boundless enthusiasm.

We select employees for their commitment and passion first and then for their experience and credentials. Ambition is welcomed with open arms, irrespective of the diverse background, experience and interests. Nayak's Tutorials believes that these differences are the much required propellant for the progress of the organization.

Change is highly essential to keep up with the latest developments and keeping this in mind the work culture here is not rigid and conservative, rather it is characterized by flexibility. Nayak's Tutorials has always sown the seeds of trust among their employees, who have been constantly raising the bar to achieve higher goals. At Nayak's Tutorials, the employees are exposed to a positive workplace environment that promotes a feeling of belongingness amongst them.

Cultural and sports meets are held in the form of the annual employees' event called 'Explore', to enable the employees showcase their talent and strengthen the competitive spirit among them. The employees are further offered opportunities to be of some service to the neglected sections of the society, through a non-profit initiative called 'NYKS foundation'.