Manoj S. Nayak - MD(Founder)

Having the authority and an ability to initiate change, Manoj S. Nayak has created a vision for his team, inspiring them to do their best in order to accomplish their goals. A natural leader, he has the best potential to direct, organise and inspire people. He has an innate attribute of realising his team's potential so as to get the best out of it. As a result of his ability to grab every opportunity that comes his way, Nayak's Tutorials has carved a niche in heterogeneous market segments.

Vinod S. Nayak - CEO

Highly revered flawless perfectionist with an analytical mind and precision, Vinod S. Nayak has immensely contributed to raise the organisation to the next level. Setting ambitious goals for the team, he has taken command of the situations and has hit the ground running. Being proactive, he makes sure to identify any possible issues before they happen, and introduce changes and processes to ensure that they do not occur.

Deepak S. Nayak - CEO

The youngest among the Nayak siblings, Deepak S.Nayak is fast paced, upbeat and not hesitant to be bold. He values innovative solutions and is willing to take risks along the way. New ideas and adventurous options energizes him. He views obstacles as opportunities to showcase his ability to perform under pressure. Nayak's Tutorials has shown faster growth owing to his feature of favoring strategies that yield the best pay off.